The Nail Garden Experience


Spa Pedicure


A Spa Pedicure usually begins with a warm whirlpool bath for the feet followed by a variety of spa services, including exfoliation, hot towel wraps, and massage. After these steps, a spa pedicure usually ends with trimming the cuticles and toenails and then polishing them.

French Pedicure


One of our most popular pedicures. It is a simple, yet elegant style. Includes a white tip with a natural looking base, pushing back of the cuticles and massage.

American Pedicure


This pedicure includes pushing back cuticles, massage and polish. It offers a more natural look. The tip of the nail is painted a very soft ivory color, while the rest of the nail remains a neutral or pale pink.

Deluxe Pedicure


A rejuvenating and nurturing treatment blend with natural beach sands and a marine A.H.A. complex safely and effectively exfoliates rough, dry skin. An application of a rejuvenating aromatherapy masque with hydrating sea extracts. Conditioning mineral clay and soothing botanicals will leave your feet and hands cool and soft for hours.

Garden Deluxe Pedicure


Includes herbal mineral bath, liquid body loofah, ice dancer, sole solution foot treatment, baobab body butter, nuskin product epoch.

Cooling Gel Pedicure


This gel cools and refreshes hot tired feet and hands. Aloe soothes, cools, and conditions skin while eucalyptus helps to relieve aching muscles. During the summer season, we recommend this treatment.

Hot Stone Pedicure


This smooth stone helps relax and soothe tension combined with massage techniques to balance, increase the blood flow and circulation. This treatment is our most popular during the winter season.

Sea Salt Pedicure


Mineral and European sea salts mildly exfoliate while a blend of natural oil penetrates deeply to soften and moisturize. Skin will be left with a radiant flow without greasy residues.

Children's Pedicure


This includes pushing back cuticles, massage and polish change. We also include a hand painted or airbrush design. For children 11 and under.

Prices are subject to change.